Sam Brown

Occasionally talks in the third-person.

Co-founder of Iterate, & former VP of Design at Foursquare.

I've been designing mobile and web products since the early 2000's. Recently I co-founded Iterate, a feedback product for creators. Prior to that, I was the VP of Design at Foursquare here in NYC.

My dad brought home a copy of the HTML 4.0 spec his job at British Telecom around 1998, that ignited my passion for hand-crafting websites with HTML and CSS in notepad.

I studied at Cherrybrook Technology High School and then Computer Graphics College (CGC, now an SAE Institute) in Sydney, Australia. It was there that I learned the expressive side of digital design, combining that with the limitless opportunities to build things with handwritten HTML and CSS inspired me.

I joined Foursquare in early 2010 designing on the web team, then transitioned over to mobile products. I lead the design efforts on the Foursquare City Guide & Swarm apps, before leading and managing the entire Foursquare design organization.

Before Foursquare, I worked for a boutique design agency and successfully ran my own design studio helping small and medium sized businesses build products and websites. I've co-founded a number of ventures including (which was later acquired by Foodspotting), and Endorse. I feel passionately about staying sharp and expanding my skillsets by working on side-projects such as Hatstah, Imagine FC, and more.

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