Sam Brown is a co-founder of Iterate, & former VP of Design at Foursquare.

Sam has been designing mobile and web products for the last 12 years, most recently he co-founded Iterate a feedback product for creators. Previously, Sam was the VP of Design at Foursquare.

Sam joined Foursquare in early 2010 designing on the web team, then transitioned over to mobile products, leading the design efforts on Foursquare City Guide & Swarm, before ultimately leading and managing the entire Foursquare design organization.

Before Foursquare, Sam ran a successful design studio helping companies build products and websites. Sam also co-founded a number of ventures including (which was later acquired by Foodspotting) and Endorse.

Follow all of the places Sam recommends via his Foursquare profile, view the world through his eyes on Instagram, catch up with his thoughts and interests in only 140 characters on Twitter, or long-form writing at his blog.

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