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At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to share more of the content that I was creating. I take a lot of photos, all of them on my iPhone, but I was rarely sharing them. I wanted to change that. The easiest format I found to do that was by choosing to share a photo, every single day, publicly on Instagram. Below, is the full collection of photos from the year. Read more...

January 31/31

February 28/29

“Flying back to Scotland in early February to be with close family and help celebrate my grandmother, who passed just days before her 90th birthday, was the first moment I took pause in 2016.”

March 31/31

April 30/30

May 31/31

“We took a last minute – largely unplanned – trip to New Orleans in May that turned out to be our last vacation just the two of us (we found out we were pregnant not long before, and according to @becky the virgin Hurricane's actually tasted OK!). May also saw us celebrate our good friends getting married!”

June 30/30

July 31/31

August 31/31

September 30/30

October 31/31

November 21/30

“Spending 5 days in the NICU with Effie immediately after she was born were some of the most trying times, the following moments at home with her doing well were amazingly gratifying. Took me a moment to come back up for air!”

December 31/31

New York City 317

Soho 92

Long Island City 41

New Orleans 6

San Francisco 5

Las Vegas 4

Scotland 4

Architecture 133

Bridge 21

Skyline 63

Sport 14

Sunset 26

Snow 14

Art 35

Effie 11